SAS to fire 5000 employees in cost cutting effort


SAS Airline is trying to survive the crisis. About 1300 Norwegian employees may lose their jobs.

– A black day, says Jan Levi Skogvang, head of the SAS pilots in Parat.

The fall in air traffic has hit hard on SAS’s economy. The company announces a halving of staff on Tuesday.

– That SAS will now cut up to fifty percent of the workforce is more than I thought. This is a picture of how serious the situation is, says aviation analyst Hans Jørgen Elnæs to Børsen.

Fly on the ground

Despite crisis packages from the government, the airline now warns that they will have to staff 5,000 pilots and cabin crew as a result of the serious situation the company is in.

“It will take several years for demand to return to the level before the outbreak of the virus,” the company writes in a stock exchange announcement .

About 1300 of those to be cut are Norwegian employees.

For strict requirements

Deputy Peggy Hessen Fløsvik in says that the SAS layoffs show how deep the crisis is in aviation.

– The state has provided loan guarantees for aviation, but that is clearly not enough. The question is whether the requirements set in the guarantee schemes are too strict for the companies at the present time. Now the government has to see if more can be done for aviation, says Hessen Foelsvik.