Mouzenidis Travel Greece to suspend tourist services in Greece


On the afternoon of June 17, a message from an employee of the host company of the tour operator “Mouzenidis Travel” appeared in the closed Facebook group of Luxury Travel Club, informing about the temporary suspension of tourist services in Greece.

Here is the text of the post: “Due to long-term restrictive actions in the Eastern European market for more than one year and operational and technical capabilities, Mouzenidis Travel Greece temporarily, from 06/18/2021 to 06/26/2021, suspends customer service in Greece.We are always loyal to our customers, based on the best possible service, we offer the transfer of tours booked for the indicated dates for the period from 09/01/2021 onwards or for the summer season of 2022 according to the same price list.”

Mouzenidis Travel confirmed the accuracy of the information. They explained that the temporary interruption in the activities of the company might be resolved by negotiations that its management is conducting with the Greek government, expecting financial assistance from it.