Montenegro to free the FBI most wanted fugitives in 45 days if not picked up by USA


The Montenegrin Ministry of Justice issued a decision on the extradition of two American citizens, Richard Ayvazyan (43) and Marietta Terabelian (37), who are wanted by the United States of America (USA) for a massive COVID-19 relief fraud.

If they are not picked up by the US within 45 days of the extradition decision, they will be released.

Their legal representative previously announced that his clients were illegally taken from pre-trial detention to the Correctional Facility, instead of being released.

Ayvazyan, his wife Terabelian and his daughter-in-law Tamara Dadyan (42) were arrested at the end of February in Montenegro, and were among the most wanted fugitives from the FBI list.

They and five other members of their family were convicted in the US of stealing more than $21 million in covid relief loans and have been wanted since August 29, 2021, when they removed their tracking bracelets and fled.

In August 2021, they were convicted in absentia of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and money laundering.