expireddomains.net for sale via SEDO at EUR 2999


An interesting glitch (we are sure it is glitch) occurred early Thursday on expireddomains.net

The well known aggregator of domains for sale, EXPIRED DOMAINS NET, shows that they are for sale via SEDO market place. Screenshot below shows how this looks like.


But the listed price for expireddomains.net on SEDO is just too low to believe this is not some kind of mistake. And the most interesting part is that there is a logo of ExpiredDomains.net right next to Buy Now price, because SEDO is promoting the domain sale in a cooperation with expireddomains.net.

The selling price is EUR 2,999. But such domain would fetch much higher price as it is a money making machine for the owner.

Many times we can find such domains listed for sale on SEDO and if you try to purchase the domain in question you will end up with a refund in a matter of days. This way you lose your time and your money for a couple of days, because someone is listing well known domains with a lot of traffic …but is this a mistake? Only SEDO can let us know why is this happening.