EU wants all Smartphones to have same charging ports


EU Lawmakers have made a call to introduce a common charging port for all the smartphones available in the market. The practice of introducing a common port for all portable devices like smartphones, e-readers and tablets should reduce electronic waste and make consumers’ life easier, according to European Parlament website.

The Bill from 2014 that was back then turned down because of a shortage of co-legislatures asked for:” Interoperability between radio equipment and accessories such as chargers simplifies the use of radio equipment and reduces unnecessary waste and costs. A renewed effort to develop a common charger for particular categories or classes of radio equipment is necessary, in particular for the benefit of consumers and other end-users; this Directive should therefore include specific requirements in that area. In particular, mobile phones that are made available on the market should be compatible with a common charger.”

But, now EU comes back with “binding measures for chargers to fit all mobile phones and other portable devices.”

While most Android smartphones today use USB-C ports for charging, Apple’s iPhone still uses a Lightning connector.

In 2019 EU received a Feedback from Apple, where Apple stated that :”Regulations that would drive conformity across the type of connector built into all smartphones freeze innovation rather than encourage it. Such proposals are bad for the environment and unnecessarily disruptive for customers.”

“This would result in an unprecedented volume of electronic waste and greatly inconvenience users. To be forced to disrupt this huge market of customers will have consequences far beyond the stated aims of the Commission.”

And according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, your next iPhone may not need a cable at all. Kuo is predicting completely wireless charging for 2021 Apple iPhone.