Commerzbank stock: new price targets are here!


Overview of analyst comments

In the past twelve months, analysts from research departments have given Commerzbank shares a total of 1 buy, 10 hold and 7 sell ratings. From this we derive a “hold” for the long-term classification. This is also the view of the analysts who recently gave a rating for the share – the average recommendation for Commerzbank from the past month is also “hold” (0 buy, 7 hold, 2 sell). The price target for the Commerzbank share is again on average at EUR 4.82. Since the last closing price is at EUR 3,427,667, the expected price development is 40.55 percent. This is associated with the “Buy” rating. The analysts’ evaluation of the Commerzbank share therefore results in an overall rating of “Hold”.

Commerzbank: P / E still with scope

With a price-earnings ratio (P / E ratio) of 6.4, Commerzbank’s shares are 47 percent lower than comparable companies in the “commercial banks” sector (12.12) based on today’s quotations. This key figure in turn signals an undervaluation. From the perspective of fundamental analysis, this creates the “Buy” rating.

Commerzbank: What can we learn from the RSI?

Based on the Relative Strength Index, the Commerzbank share is a hold. The index measures the upward and downward movements of different periods (RSI7 for seven days, RSI25 for 25 days) and assigns them an index between 0 and 100. The Commerzbank share has an RSI7 value of 35.41, which implies a “hold” recommendation, and an RSI25 value of 47.76, which requires a “hold” classification for this period . This results in the overall “hold” ranking at the level of the relative strength indicator.