Japanese mother creates a life-size cardboard cutout of herself to take care of her baby.


Having a first child brings many unknows to a new parent. And if the baby is loud and cries every time you leave him/her unattended this is a perfectly normal situation (called separation anxiety) , but not an easy problem to solve.

Unless you are a Japanese mother with a great idea .Twitter user that goes by @sato_nezi created a cutout of his wife to calm down their 1-year-old boy who starts crying uncontrollably once the mother is out of the sight.

They created two versions. One of Mom standing up and one of her crouching, both with a soothing and maternal smile.

Acording to Soranews:”The cutouts were made using a service called Links that creates displays for businesses and shops.They ordered a “Big Dummy” (which is normally used for cutouts in supermarkets and such) and have taken to calling it “Big Mommy.”


The family became a viral sensation in Japan and the are feautured on several TV channels.