Gamer’s Mom Mistakenly Throws Out Half a Million Worth of Games


Although parents often do not understand the “craziness” of video games, those for whom collector’s titles have a huge value should pay better attention to their collection when they leave them with them for safekeeping.

A collector from Brooklyn,New York learned that in a difficult way. He kept his valuable collection of retro games and consoles in his parents’ house, and only recently discovered that his mother had thrown a good amount of that collection in the trash. She was probably unaware of what it was all about and simply wanted to clean the house, which is why she thrown out of the house a portion of the collection worth over $500,000.

The collector stated, in a tweet that is deleted now, that he was left without a bunch of games from the PS1 console and older, and most of them were never opened. The console Famicom, Ataris, Coleco, MegaDrive and many others went into the container, and the collector discovered that his collection of comics also went. The less-than-happy son says he’s lost “basically every system and game” that was left in storage at his parent’s house.

Even some of non-gaming merch was a part of the massive cleaning operation. The mom tossed a ton of music gear, including two Marshall amps, 14 effects pedals, and a drum kit. Tweets from the gamer revealed that his rare Magic: The Gathering cards and comic book collection have also been destroyed by the clean-out.

The sum of $500,000 for old video games may sound insane to you, but it is not a huge sum when you consider that rare games from consoles without which this character was left, since some physical copies of games cost tens of thousands of dollars. A good example of this is the highest-graded copy of Super Mario Bros. ever sold, which brought a winning bid of $114,000.

He will hardly recover, since he only recently found out that he was left without those valuable games and consoles, and they were thrown away earlier. Following his rant he deleted original tweet but posted another one where he apologized for losing control.


So if you keep a collector’s game or retro console in perfect condition in your parents’ house, you’d better call them right away and make sure you don’t experience this.