In 1863 Anyone could walk into the White House and, if he was available, share a few words with its current resident, Abe Lincoln.  I would strongly recommend against that approach today. About 110 years later I graduated college and walked into several Chicago ad agencies...

The Myths of Time

Stop thinking about tasks and develop a sense of scale I’ve just returned from a week away on holiday where I had no internet connection at all. I had a lovely time, thank you very much for asking, but what happened while I was away is even more interesting. My new ebook was released,...

Learn to play

Playing gives your clients space to find you interesting What is it that makes interesting things interesting? It’s a perennial media question, of course: capturing attention is the elusive route to audiences and money. But it’s also an ongoing – if under-expressed – business question. How do you make your business interesting to customers, and...

Keep It Simple

The most basic rule for pitching journalists Tech journalists hand out PR tips like candy, yet it’s shocking how often startups completely forget the most basic rules when it comes to pitching.   One of the worst offences?  Bloating your pitch with buzzwords, clichés and bullsh*t.